Tualang  Helps In Genital Conditions

12 Sep

Tualang  Helps In Genital Conditions

It improves the sperm count, increases sperm motility, and increases some female hormones.
It ameliorates the toxic effects of cigarette smoke on spermatogenesis and the testosterone level (in male Sprague-Dawley rats).
Tualang honey is considered by some to be the natural equivalent of “hormone replacement therapy”. Short-term memory is improved in post-menopausal women following the administration of tualang honey, which is comparable to the increase in short-term memory observed after the administration of estrogen/progesterone combination therapy.
The administration of tualang honey also attenuates atrophy in uterine tissue and increases vaginal epithelium thickness. It is also associated with a lower post-menopausal increase in body weight.

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