Introducing Our Limited Durian Honey (Seasonal)

26 Jul

Introducing Our Limited Durian Honey (Seasonal)

Durian Tualang Honey is made by Apis Dorsata once a year, only at the time when Durian is blossoming before the fruit season. The production is limited and is only available at durian old orchard.

Our durian honey is collected by wild bees making it harder to harvest. The taste is pleasantly sweet and different from our popular known dark red or black tualang. The colour is more golden yellow and and more liquid.

After has been introduced last year, it is now getting more request and only this year we manage to secure more stocks upon much request.

It is very limited honey, sold on first come first serve basis.

Information of durian is here:

Durian honey is a seasoned honey which occurs during the durian season which lasts only in June to August each year. Mild and sweet taste, great for all ages.

Get this honey here :

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