Malaysia Gelam Honey Heals Wounds

30 May

Malaysia Gelam Honey Heals Wounds

The Efficacy of Gelam Honey Dressing Towards Excision Wound Healing.

Honey is one of the oldest substances used in wound management. Efficacy of Gelam honey in wound healing was evaluated in this paper.
Gelam-honey-dressed wounds healed earlier (day 13) than untreated and saline treated groups, as did wounds treated with Intrasite Gel. Honey-treated wounds exhibited less scab and only thin scar formations. Histological features demonstrated positive effects of Gelam honey on the wounds.
This paper showed that Gelam honey dressing on excisional wound accelerated the process of wound healing.
Wound healing is a complex biological cascade of cellular and biochemical events comprised of three phases: inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. A rapid increase of interest in the use of honey as wound dressing among researchers and modern practitioners includes case studies and clinical trials reporting the effectiveness of honey in the treatment of different types of wounds, with some showing effectiveness against bacterial strains resistant to synthetic antibiotics.

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