Trigona Honey

15 May

Trigona Honey

Trigona Honey is produce by trigona bees – a type of bees which is small in size (the size of a fly). Trigona bees nest is usually found in between the roots or in a tree stump, near the land surface (unlike normal bees nest, which up on a tree).

Trigona honey is usually lighter in color compared to common forest honey. Trigona bee feed on young fruit which is why it has a slight sour taste, that’s why trigona honey is high in vitamin C. The quantity harvested from each nest is also lesser compared to common bees nest – usually less than a small bottle. Most trigona honey is natural resource mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia. It is also known as Kelulut honey.

Benefits of trigona honey include increasing body metabolisme, as an aphrodisiac, maintaining beauty, strengthening women who just gave birth, and curing various diseases and internal injuries.

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