Antibacterial Activity : Tualang Therapeutic Benefit

7 May

Antibacterial Activity : Tualang Therapeutic Benefit

Nearly all varieties of honey have antimicrobial effects but it is important to note that not all honey is equally effective. Manuka honey is especially famous for its antibacterial qualities but research has demonstrated that tualang honey is equally effective against several strains of bacteria.

Tualang honey protects against the growth of common skin bacteria as well as inhibiting the spread of dangerous strains such as streptococcus, salmonella and staphylococcus aureus. Some of these strains of bacteria are caused by hospital infections and have become drug resistant meaning that researchers have been looking for safe, alternative remedies to treat them.

Tualang honey has proven especially effective in preventing bacteria in burn wounds because of its high flavonoid and phenolic content. One study concluded that it could be used as an alternative wound dressing and by comparison it proved less sticky than manuka.

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