Kelulut / Meliponini Trigona / Stingless Bee Honey

14 Aug

Kelulut / Meliponini Trigona / Stingless Bee Honey

Stingless bees or also called Meliponini Trigona are stingless bees that produce honey just like honey bees. It is estimated that nearly 500 species of stingless bees found throughout the world. Stingless bees can be found in most tropical areas of the world, such as Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and tropical America. It is said to have a range of nutrients and higher nutritional value compared to honey bees, it stores honey in small pots covered with propolis. Stingless bee honey is not clear as claimed, it has slightly sour taste.
Bees are important as agents of pollination in the forests and many species of fruit, flowers, vegetables and other crops. Stingless bees collect resin of dipterocarp trees such as “Meranti”, “Keruin” and” Merawan” in the forest as a source of food to bring back to the nest. Resin forest trees that contain antioxidants. It is the body’s internal cleansing agent that helps stimulate human immune cells .
Stingless Bee Honey is called MOTHER MEDICINE and an increasing number of traditional practitioners and researchers to suggest its use. The known benefits, for regular consumption of stingless bee honey are:
In terms of health

. Treating Diabetes
. Cures Asthma
. Cures Arthritis (Arthritis)
. Overcome Hepatitis
. Treat Bladder Infection
. Heal Ulcers
. Improve Health of Eye and Eye sight.
. Overcoming Dental Pain
. Reduce Cholesterol
. Cures Gout
. Cures Cold & Cough
. Cures Stomach Pain
. Copes with diarrhea
. Copes with Heart Disease
. Improve Blood Circulation
. Blood Cleansing
. Overcome High Blood Pressure
. Overcome Low Blood Pressure
. Overcome inflammation of the gums or mouth
. Treat inflammation of the larynx (throat)
. Copes with Cold & Flu
. Treat Skin Infection.
. Cures Cancer
. Cures Immunologists
. Stabilise Menstruation
. Overcome Infertility
. Improve Body Immunity System
. Increase Breast Milk Production
. Improve Health of Unborn Child
. Heals wound in Stomach/ Uterus
. Cures Rheumatism
In terms of fitness.

. Overcome Sleep problems (Insomnia)
. Overcome Obesity
. overcome Fatigue
. Increase Stamina
. Increase Men Sexual Stamina
. Facilitating The Birth Process
. Increasing Appetite
. Improves Brain Function
For beauty aspect.

for Women:
. Improves the menstrual cycle and restore menstrual
. Overcome difficulty to sleep at night
. Honey can be made facial mask to smooth and whiten skin
. Provides more energy
. Increase metabolism
. A “Super food” and the best “multivitamins”.
. Organic beauty products for interior and exterior

for Men:
. Improves blood circulation throughout the body
. Provide quick energy
. Reduce fatigue and joint pain
. Improve Potency
. Sleep soundly at night
. “Super food” and “multivitamins” are not in the process and organic
Why this honey able to treat diseases and beauty care ?
Stingless Bee honey certainly has a lot of nutrients because it is smaller than normal bee, it can suck the nectar from the flowers to the deepest space. As a result, collected honey contains many vitamins and minerals. Among the important materials produced kelulut is propolis. Propolis is produced by bees through saliva mixed with his food such as pollen, bark, shoots of trees and flowers. Young bees and cocoons of Stingless Bee very sensitive to virus attack, fungal and insect pests. To keep the nest clean , sterile and in controlled conditions, Stingless Bee produce propolis which serves as an antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.
The benefits of propolis is contains all 16 amino acids, glucose, vitamins A, B, C, D and E, bioflavonoids and minerals. Bioflavanid is good to improve and repair systems of the human body and livestock.

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